Hi loves! This is one of my most requested video routine! See below to watch me do my everyday makeup with informative tips and tricks! Please keep in mind I am no beauty blogger or make up artist so be easy on me! I linked each product for you ladies to shop. Leave a comment if you have any make up tips! Would love to hear them!! :) 


  • Yana

    Love the video! Cool hack about using a bronzer as a shadow.
    I don’t have any tips but I wonder if you put any creams underneath? And any SPF on top?
    Also what cleansers do you use in the end of the day and how? I’m kinda bad with proper cleansing my eyes :)

  • Jessica

    Hi! I loved this and bought a lot of the pieces can’t wait to try them. I found your routine so easy to follow thank you! Please do more in the future! Keep us looking and feeling great we love you!
    PS-what brand and exact color is the baby pink eyeliner you wear? That is my new go to trick! Thanks again ❤

  • jillpappas

    First not makeup related…you have a very soothing voice which will be great when you become a mom and always not annoying to listen to while your doing your My question is what brand did you use for the pink liner for the lower lid?

  • Ana

    Hi lindsi!!!! Would you tell me if the marc jacobs pencil is matte or pearly please??? Hi from spain!!!!

  • Ana

    Hi lindi! Can you tell which color is the marc jacobs pencil? Is it matte baby pink or pearly? Hi from spain!

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