Ideally, baby birthday parties are awesome. There are cute kids all over the place, alcohol for the adults, yummy ice cream cakes, songs that bring you back to the first time you peed on the potty, and untouched pizza boxes just begging to be opened by the adults. Ahhh, nostalgia. But being a single person at a babe’s birthday party really just makes you feel… well, singled out. 

Have you ever...

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Hello, my lovely babes!

I am so excited to finally be sharing the story that you have all been asking for: my journey to love and how Aaron and I met! I am sorry that this took me some time to to write. Discussing my difficult road to finding love, and then on the other end of the spectrum, discussing my one true love, are both such sentimental and vulnerable subjects, good and bad. I have been...

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