Ladies, one word. Games. You love them, right? Big no, no.

The attraction of women to “game playing” men is an unexplainable magnetism. If a guy is mean to her, she loves it. If he is too nice, something is wrong with him. What are we, 12? I have had my slip ups, like any of us do, and I learned my lesson fast and a very long time ago. Allowing some of these men into my life was like taking a pill...

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Firstly, I want to express how excited I am to write about this topic, not only for women (because duh, I always have your back), but for the MEN! Guys, you have to hear me out and let me help you. I AM ON YOUR SIDE AND WANT YOU TO GET THE GIRL. Shall we begin?

When you are single and Fall arrives in NYC, it just does something to you. You can find yourself making out on a park bench, ordering...

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Girls, let’s talk about guys. Let’s talk about guys and dating. How about guys and dating and apps and us!?

Here we go. In this day and age, men and women alike are hunched over on their phones waiting to ‘swipe right’ into having a relationship (or just sex-hey! everyone has different needs!) and a new dating app is created everyday in hopes of matching like minded lovers. After reading some...

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